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The Skin Geek™ Hydra Boost Concentrated Ampoules – 28 x 1.1ml



The Skin Geek™ Hydra Boost Ampoules are made for both professional use and at-home use.

These concentrated ampoules contain Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide and Epidermal Growth Factors designed to hydrate, repair, regenerate, strengthen, brighten and improve skin tone.

The ampoules can be used as a daily serum to complement your skincare routine. They are applied first to clean skin, then other serums and/or moisturisers follow.

Also use these ampoules as the perfect addition to your at home microneedling treatments.


If using as a serum, apply your follow up serum/moisturiser directly after the ampoule application and whilst its still damp on the skin to increase the absorption of your remaining skincare routine.


Inside the box is a little pot to decant your ampoule into.

Snap the neck of the ampoule and use this to push the underside it to decant the liquid into the pot.

If using as part of a professional microneedling treatment, you may need 2 ampoules.


Your skin may appear pink and flushed temporarily, this will diminish. If not, seek medical advice.